An Uncaged Beauty – 123 Get Scrappy Challenge

123 scrappy


Hi, This is my first time on this site it looks awesome. I have only just started putting pages on my blog as i am hoping to get on a couple of design teams. They have told me i need a blog and to get some pages on challenges so here i am.

I used this page for Black with 2 this month but i liked the idea of picking 3 themes so i picked Black background, Black Fibers and Vintage style. I have also used Lace Ribbon, Feathers, Kindy Glitz and Fabric Butterfly.

IMG_3423 IMG_3422 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3419

6 thoughts on “An Uncaged Beauty – 123 Get Scrappy Challenge

  1. Hi thankyou so much for your comments I appreciate them, also the design team is a real inspiration to me thank you Suzanne Crowther

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