I want a Never Ending Ice Block!!!



This Sketch was created for the 123 Challenge using the 3 elements Orange, Live and Feathers. It is of my Granddaughter Charlotte Grace who was eating and ice block on a hot and sunny day in Parkesbourne. She enjoyed eating her ice block as this is one of the many things she enjoys when visiting Nanny and Poppy however when she finished the ice block the look on her face was one to capture as a moment in time and you could imagine her thinking “All i want is a Never Ending Ice Block”.

I have used Kaiser Craft New collection Spring Bloom which is perfect this challenge, I have also used the Kaiser Craft 6X4 and 3X4 favourite things cards. I really enjoyed this challenge and Charlotte assisted with colouring the feathers.

Thank you for the opportunity 123 Challenge to participate in this.


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